HonorSociety.org Induction. Review: Yes, It’s Legit


This is a slight departure from our normal reviews and pieces, but I thought it might be important for other girls out there in the same place as me. Earlier this year I joined our school’s HonorSociety.org chapter, and look forward to participating at their “Reading is Fundamental” event this weekend. I wanted to address this because there is a lot of misinformation out there about certain opportunities and honor societies. For those of you fashionistas who don’t know about HonorSociety.org, here’s a brief intro– HonorSociety.org is a national honor society which helps students stand out with recognition for academic achievement, and fosters student’s growth with exclusive discounts and accesses to materials for its users. I’ve already started using the Benchprep GRE class to prepare for the GRE exam I’m taking next month. Honor Society does have dues, so it does cost money, but it’s definitely not a scam. The services that they provide you access to (career guides, job postings, test prep, foreign language classes, on and on…) are totally worth it, and the recognition has been very helpful on my resume. They do send an e-mail update about once a month I’d say, but I wouldn’t really consider it spam as it’s generally pretty helpful and has relevant stuff like scholarship postings and upcoming events. All in all I’m so happy I joined, and am proud to be a member of HonorSociety.org! Yay!! Have any of you fashionistas joined out there? Let us know your thoughts too. :)

Honor Society Induction Ceremony



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