Mother’s Day Gifts Under $25

Mother's Day Gift Guide - Sorority Fashion

It’s finals time, which means most of your energy has gone to realizing everything that needs to be finished by the end of the semester. Also meaning that you may not have realized that Mother’s Day is only a few days away. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back! We picked out some Mother’s Day gifts under $25 that your mom is sure to love.

Brie Cheese Baker – Because you know your mom loves cheese as much as you do. And because you want to put this to use the second you get home for summer vacay.

Mom’s Copper Mug – Give mom her own copper mug. She’s been eyeing the set you got for Christmas and now she’ll have her own!

Garden in a Bag – Let’s be real, you probably have the J. Crew site open on your browser right now anyway. Did you know they sell herb gardens in a bag? They’re only $10 so you could get mom mint and basil for $20.

Minimergency Kit – Your mom is going to love how practical this is and is going to want one for every purse!

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle – Has she been on a health kick recently? If so, this water bottle is perfect because it presses lemons, limes, or clementines directly into your water from the water bottle. How cool is that?

Sugar Paper Thank You Notes – She taught you the importance of sending thank you notes. Show her that you still value the art of sending thank you notes by gifting her a new set.

Tile – No, not a ceramic tile. Tile is a tiny little tile that you can stick on anything from keys to your remote so you never have to go looking for it again and can track it from your phone. As an added bonus – part of your gift really should be teaching your mom how to use it.

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