Jenna Vreeland

Jenna Vreeland

Jenna is currently a senior at Penn State University majoring in Print & Digital Journalism. This is her first year interning for Sorority Fashion and she couldn't be more thrilled to pursue passion of writing. When Jenna isn't writing for Sorority Fashion, she can be found posting on her well-known foodie Instagram or working on all sorts of DIY projects. She is a proud member of Zeta Tau Alpha and looks forward to sharing her college experience with the rest of the world!

Why Detoxing Might Not Be A Good Idea


Let’s face the facts- our society is all about the next diet fad, whether it be going vegan, no carbs, or sugar free, it’s always something. Right now, a popular one we hear about all the time is what you might know as “the detox” or “the cleanse”. But what really is a detox, you ask? According to google, the definition of detox is “a …

Birthday On A Budget: 8 Personalized Gifts Under $30


Not only is finding the perfect birthday gift always such a hassle, but not breaking the bank after buying one after another can really pose a problem. You’re always thinking to yourself that you don’t want to give your girls something cheap, but you really need to budget yourself when you look for those special gifts for them. It can truly be a struggle to …

6 Most Underrated Instagram-able Places In New York City


New York City is a place filled to the brim with people, food, and life buzzing around every corner. Whether you’re walking around under the vibrant lights of Time Square or enjoying a quaint afternoon stroll through the cobblestone streets of Soho, New York will always leave you with a magical feeling. As we’ve roamed the concrete jungle hoping to channel our inner Blair Waldorf …

Trend Alert: Halter Bikini Tops


1. Arie Crop Bikini Top  2.Victoria’s Secret Flounce Halter Bikini  3. O’Neill Ocean High Neck Halter Top  4. Roxy Tides Of Way Crop Halter Bikini  5. LA Hearts Crochet Trim High Neck Halter Bikini Top Every year, there always seems to be a new summer bikini trend that every girl wants to add to her collection of swimsuits. This year, you can say goodbye to your triangle bikini …

5 Beauty Treatments You Would Never Think to Try

5 Beauty Treatments You Would Never Think to Try

Within the past few years, more and more at home beauty treatments are popping up all over the internet. While many seem easy to make, it’s questionable as to which treatments are proven to work and are healthy for your body. We’ve tested a few out for our readers to ensure maximum satisfaction and the greatest results! 1. Apple Cider Vinegar If there is one …

DIY Bubbly Birthday Gifts


Once Junior and Senior year rolls around, it seems like 21st birthday bashes begin to completely eat away at every weekend in your calendar. Between finishing up homework so you can enjoy the festivities and putting together your cutest outfits to wear, it’s hard to find time to pick out the perfect presents for your girls. Have no fear- we’ve found an easy and affordable …