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Monica started out at Sorority Fashion as an intern back in 2010. Yep, she’s the girl behind those How-To and Back-to-School series on our YouTube channel. After interning for Sorority Fashion and graduating, Monica followed her dream of working in fashion and worked as an Assistant Buyer for Neiman Marcus before coming back to Sorority Fashion. Monica graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Advertising/Public Relations and is a proud member of Pi Beta Phi. She has a love for fashion and passion for traveling, which she shares on her personal blog at

Pantene’s Curly Hair Series


Every few months I like to change my shampoo and conditioner. When shopping for them I usually gravitate towards the more expensive brands believing that the price indicates the quality. This month I was proven wrong when I reached for Pantene’s Curly Hair Series. Ever since Pantene released their updated shampoo and conditioner formula, I have been curious to try so I put it to …

When It Rains


Living in Los Angeles I forget that some days I do have to choose what I wear depending on the weather. This week has been a brutal reminder of this. Monday morning I walked outside in flip flops, not realizing that it was drizziling out. You would think that I would remember this today before it began pouring on my way to class. During that …

Moisturizing Lip Color


I’ve never been a lipstick or lipgloss kind of girl. My lips get dry quickly when I wear them so I tend to stick to chapstick, if anything. Over the summer, I ventured over to the NARS counter because I had heard great things, yet never actually tried it. I knew I was in need of lip products so I went for the NARS Pure …

An Easy Fix To A Ponytail Kind Of Day


Now that we are a few weeks into the semester, getting dressed up for classes is going to begin to fade and I will start to once again live in Hard Tail yoga pants and Juicy Couture jackets. As much as I love fashion, I find it next to impossible to throw on an adorable outfit and do my hair for my 9:00 am class …

Fall’s “It” Color


Every season fashion magazines expose us to the new “it” color and more often than not, this must-have shade is available in Chanel’s latest nail color. Those over at Chanel have even realized the influence of their nail polish and have incorporated it into their advertising at make-up counters. I must admit that I don’t normally focus on a specific color each season but this …

Is Vintage Right For You?

My Grandma's Dress

In the past, I have never really seen my style as one that can pull off vintage pieces. I love the look on other people, but I felt like I never found pieces that were “me”. My whole perspective changed however when my grandma gave me a dress she had custom made from 1953. The second I put it on I felt like I was …