Paige Perrucci

Paige Perrucci

Paige recently graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She will be attending graduate school for Fashion Marketing at LIM College in Manhattan and hopes to eventually get her law degree as well. She enjoys working out, traveling and a good style magazine.

The Fashion Spotlight: Debbie Martin Designs


  Debbie Martin Designs: A fresh spin to your favorite accessory.  Debbie Martin Designs are anything but ordinary. Debbie Martin herself is a unique individual who has worked within the Fashion Industry for years. Her experience is in product design and merchandising working for high end retailers such as Bergdorf’s, Barney’s and Bloomingdales as well as Macy’s, Chico’s and Talbots. She is no amateur to …

The Trend We’ve Been Waiting For: Athleisure


We’ve come into a time when wearing athletic gear (if properly styled) is acceptable at some workplaces and going out. This new trend in fashion: Athleisure, also known as sporty chic has made a boom throughout the globe. A basic definition of this new phenomena is wearing your “S’cute” gym clothes…..outside of the gym. CNBC recently interviewed Reebok’s head of design Corinna Werkle. She stated, …

Feng Shui the Simple Way: The Bedroom

  We have complied some research and narrowed down steps to Feng Shui the simple way for your bedroom.  Let’s give a little background information before we submerge you into the art of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the ancient chinese art that unifies people with their surrounding environments. Feng Shui plainly stands for “wind-water” and it’s purpose is to move energy or Chi throughout …

10 IG Accounts Every Girl Should Follow


                                Most times we aimlessly scroll through our Instagram feed and see puppies, sunsets, girls laying on the beach, party pictures, and of course the “occasional” selfie. But are we really utilizing Instagram the way we should be? Especially for us girls, there are thousands (possibly millions) of these out-of-the-scope …