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Five Ways To Stay Active While Traveling

5 Ways to Stay Active While Traveling

Summer means lots of vacationing and lots of laying outside by the pool. While summertime is perfect for taking it easy, it’s also a good time to stay active, because let’s be honest, you do want to feel confident in your swim suit (whatever your version of confident is.) But how do you keep up with your fitness plan when you’re on vacation? Well the most …

DIY Bubbly Birthday Gifts


Once Junior and Senior year rolls around, it seems like 21st birthday bashes begin to completely eat away at every weekend in your calendar. Between finishing up homework so you can enjoy the festivities and putting together your cutest outfits to wear, it’s hard to find time to pick out the perfect presents for your girls. Have no fear- we’ve found an easy and affordable …

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites Week of May 29th - Benefits of Running, Best style advice, Cooking with nut oils and more

It’s time for another Friday Favorites! This is where we curate some of our favorite finds from across the web that we think you will love too! Allison Williams shares the best style advice she ever received. We don’t doubt that she’s received a lot of good style advice so the fact that this is the best counts for something! What are your thoughts? We kind …

What is And Why I l Love it! Love

  So where do I begin… I usually don’t gush about things like this but being in makes me so happy. It begins with the nomination I received a few months back, and has been a whirlwind of recognition and perks that I have received ever since. There was no better feeling that telling my mom and dad I was inducted! All of my …

Missing Manners


It seems there is a misconception in the world about fashion.  People tend to think fashion is only about the clothes on your back or how your hair is piled on top of your head.  Oh contraire! Did you not read my Audrey Hepburn article? Being in style not just about wearing the latest trends, it’s about how you hold yourself in public.  It’s about …

Back-to-School Day 7: Motivation and Time Management


At Sorority Fashion we know that after the first few weeks of school it can get hard to stay motivated. Devin talks to us to share her tips on how to stay motivated through inspiration and good time management skills. Don’t forget to check out both parts 1 and 2.