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Audrey Hepburn – a Timeless Classic


Celebrity interviews always amaze me. Whether in a magazine or on TV, the celebrity ALWAYS has an answer. They never pause or stumble or use um… Those darn celebrities! They are always so poised, polished, and perfect (a triple “P” threat). InStyle magazine recently interviewed 25 celebrities, ranging from movies stars to fashion designers. A common questioned asked was “Who is your Style icon?” Of course, …

CollegeBudget.com Rules! Exclusive Deals for students

Two thumbs up for CollegeBudget.com

Want to really maximize your college budget? Tuition increases and textbook prices got you down? Well good news, CollegeBudget.com is a great new site aiming to help you save big. The site negotiates exclusive discounts to the tune of 50-90% off and offers the deals to college students only! That’s right, you must have a .edu e-mail address in order to be eligible to buy …

Charming Charlie


Greetings Fashionistas! Monday was Valentine’s Day…a pretty depressing thing if your only relationship is a Will & Grace type where “Will” has a new boyfriend. What is a girl to do? Chocolate is always enticing, and frankly would solve all the world’s problems if didn’t create a bigger one by making our butts grow larger and skinny jeans grow smaller. Flowers continuously brighten up a …

Gleeky Fashion- Rachel Berry


FOX’s hit dramedy musical show Glee is well known for it’s musical numbers. But next time you watch (Tuesdays at 8), take a look at the awesome fashion! One of the fashionistas on the show is…(it may surprise you…) Rachel Berry, played by Lea Michele. This season, Rachel amped up her style from being babyish to nerdy chic. It’s a great look to try – …

March 2011 Covers


Aside from March being the beginning of spring (and my birthday!), the new fashion trends are showing up everywhere. I am a magazine addict, and I’m way too excited about this month’s cover girls. Glamour – Diane Kruger Diane Kruger makes a classic, Chanel-esque tweed jacket cool by adding bright colors for spring. Harper’s Bazaar – Gwyneth Paltrow Following her awesome and fan-favorite performance on …

Greetings Fashionistas

Girl in the Pink Shoes

Greetings Fashionistas! I am your one and only source into the lives of the fashionable. Luckily for you, I am here to help you become one of the fashion-forward few too. I’ll keep my eye on trends and advise which are Hot and which are Not. I’m here to save you from those disasters you experienced in the past. Got a hot date? I can …

Silken Cord

Silken Cord

Today’s nail polish, again from Essie’s winter collection, is Silken Cord. What I liked about this polish is that I was able to achieve the color I wanted with just one coat. Essie nail polish’s are usually sheer and require 2 to 3 coats to reach the color of the bottle so I was surprised to see that I only needed one coat.

Essie Winter Collection: Hot Coco

Hot Coco 3

Essie’s newsest collection for winter includes six shades that will perfectly fit your mood this winter. I purchased 4 out of the 6 in the “mini set.” I figure that since I rarely run out of nail polish, I don’t need to buy the full sized bottles. This first color is “Hot Coco.” Throughout the next few days I will share the other three colors …

MAC Technakohl Liner


MAC’s Technakohl Liner ($14.50) is a mechanical pencil liner which allows you to easily line your eyes smoothly. This is my new favorite eyeliner because it is hard to make a mistake with it. I also love that I don’t ever have to worry about sharpening it. You can count on this liner staying on all day and it wont smudge at all. For example, …

Pantene’s Curly Hair Series


Every few months I like to change my shampoo and conditioner. When shopping for them I usually gravitate towards the more expensive brands believing that the price indicates the quality. This month I was proven wrong when I reached for Pantene’s Curly Hair Series. Ever since Pantene released their updated shampoo and conditioner formula, I have been curious to try so I put it to …

When It Rains


Living in Los Angeles I forget that some days I do have to choose what I wear depending on the weather. This week has been a brutal reminder of this. Monday morning I walked outside in flip flops, not realizing that it was drizziling out. You would think that I would remember this today before it began pouring on my way to class. During that …