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Jewelry: The Perfect Touch to Your Outfit!


Tired of wearing the same outfit over and over again? Trust me, I’ve been there. It doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a brand new outfit; all you have to do is accessorize!¬†Although I love buying print and patterned clothing, I also like having plain tees because it’s easy to mix and match different outfits. Creativity and balance is key to putting …

Good Grades are HOT this season!!


Registration for fall classes is occurring for colleges all across the country right now, and there is one big decision to make– “Which classes should I take?” Well, this one choice is going to determine the bulk of your fall semester– So choose wisely. It would be wise to ask friends or fellow sorority sisters what they think of particular classes in order to get …

Stylish Handbags for Summer 2010

summer 2010

Summer’s here! Whether you’re out and about or relaxing at the beach, you’ll need something to carry all your on-the-go necessities. You’ll want something versatile; something you can dress up or dress down with and still look good. Right now, I’m digging Deux Lux Handbags. Their colorful, edgy-glam style will have everyone in awe. Another brand that’s caught my eye is Harveys. Their seatbelt inspired …

Intern at SF this summer- Online or in Beverly Hills!


Interested in Fashion? Looking for a summer internship? Sorority Fashion is looking for girls (and guys) who want industry experience in fashion writing, modeling and photography. The internships are super flexible time-wise and will give you the chance to work in Beverly Hills in our posh new Headquarters. If Beverly Hills isn’t in your summer plans, you can also work¬† online at your convenience. This …

Aviator Sunglasses: Hot Shades for Summer 2010


Amongst the hype of Wayfarer sunglasses right now, Aviator style sunglasses are still a hot way to look stylish while sporting your sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses are both retro and modern looks. Tom Cruise was known for his aviator shades in the 80’s classic “Top Gun,” but today’s hollywood celebrities like Kanye West and Jessica Alba are also known to sport aviator sunglasses. Rayban Aviators are …

Wayfarer Sunglasses are back


The 80’s fashion has made a huge resurgence in on campus, and nothing makes this more evident than the Wayfarer Sunglasses. Wayfarers are hardly new, in fact they are the most popular style of sunglasses every created (They have been popular since 1952). Today is it hard not to notice these glasses on campus. On a casual walk through campus at UCLA you may seen …

Sorority Fashion is in Session!


Welcome to Sorority Fashion! Our goal here is to help like-minded girls of sororities all across the nation to connect and share stylish tips and advice on how to look your absolute best on campus, while keeping in mind the student budget that we all face.