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HonorSociety.org Induction. Review: Yes, It’s Legit


This is a slight departure from our normal reviews and pieces, but I thought it might be important for other girls out there in the same place as me. Earlier this year I joined our school’s HonorSociety.org chapter, and look forward to participating at their “Reading is Fundamental” event this weekend. I wanted to address this because there is a lot of misinformation out there about certain opportunities …

Moisturizing Lip Color


I’ve never been a lipstick or lipgloss kind of girl. My lips get dry quickly when I wear them so I tend to stick to chapstick, if anything. Over the summer, I ventured over to the NARS counter because I had heard great things, yet never actually tried it. I knew I was in need of lip products so I went for the NARS Pure …