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Back-to-School Day 10: 10 Items, 7 Looks


Now that we are approaching a new season, you would think it was time to save your money because of all the new clothes you are going to need to buy. Well, this may not necessarily be true. We took only 10 Items and created 7 different looks out of them!

Back-to-School Day 7: Motivation and Time Management


At Sorority Fashion we know that after the first few weeks of school it can get hard to stay motivated. Devin talks to us to share her tips on how to stay motivated through inspiration and good time management skills. Don’t forget to check out both parts 1 and 2.

Back-to-School Day 2: Sorority Recruitment


I interview my friend Anna about her experience during recruitment and she shares her advice for those of you about to experience it! Please leave a comment if you have any questions regarding sorority life, recruitment, or anything related to college. For our last video of the Back-to-School series I will be answering these questions!