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Why Detoxing Might Not Be A Good Idea


Let’s face the facts- our society is all about the next diet fad, whether it be going vegan, no carbs, or sugar free, it’s always something. Right now, a popular one we hear about all the time is what you might know as “the detox” or “the cleanse”. But what really is a detox, you ask? According to google, the definition of detox is “a …

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites June 12

In the spirit of being active and healthy this summer, we gathered some of our favorite health and fitness posts from around the web! The Skinny Confidential Pink Detox DrinkĀ – So this might sound crazy, but this kind of actually sounds delicious. We’re always looking for ways to keep the bloat away so we can’t way to try this one in the morning! 45Fairmount Cute …