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How To Clean Makeup Brushes in 8 Easy Steps


One very important aspect of makeup is making sure that you are properly taking care of your skin and the different products that you are using in order to maintain a healthy complexion. With that being said, knowing how to clean makeup brushes regularly is a must. Not only does cleaning your brushes increase the durability and the shelf life of your brushes, but it …

Easy 4th of July Nail Art


4th of July is right around the corner and one great way to get into the spirit is to paint your nails red, white, and blue. Now you could alternate colors for a simple (and still great) look or you could take a look at this nail art tutorial for a fairly easy DIY! This one is great because there’s just one accent nail so …

Easy DIY Marble Nail Art


  Summer is the perfect time to try out some of those nail art techniques you’ve seen on Pinterest! After spending three weeks in Rome surrounded by marble I was reminded of an easy DIY trick to marble my nails that I had seen a while ago. All you need to accomplish this fail-proof look is two colors of nail polish and saran wrap. I …