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Recruitment Tips for Active Members


¬† August is in full swing and that means Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment is just around the corner! Whether you attend a large, SEC school or smaller, private university, sorority recruitment is serious business. Naturally, PNMs are anxious to impress the chapter women and find their homes, but recruitment can be just as overwhelming for an active member! Long, busy days can get stressful, so here …

Moving Into Your Own Apartment

Your First Place

Moving into your first college apartment can be overwhelming.¬†Things that you’re just used to being in your house are overlooked when you make a list of what you need. Starting from scratch and wanting to decorate your apartment on a budget can be a challenge. Here’s some pointers to help you make the grownup transition to living in your own pad a breeze! Start shopping …

How To Clean Makeup Brushes in 8 Easy Steps


One very important aspect of makeup is making sure that you are properly taking care of your skin and the different products that you are using in order to maintain a healthy complexion. With that being said, knowing how to clean makeup brushes regularly is a must. Not only does cleaning your brushes increase the durability and the shelf life of your brushes, but it …