Greetings Fashionistas

Greetings Fashionistas!
I am your one and only source into the lives of the fashionable. Luckily for you, I am here to help you become one of the fashion-forward few too. I’ll keep my eye on trends and advise which are Hot and which are Not. I’m here to save you from those disasters you experienced in the past. Got a hot date? I can help you glam up for that. Can’t figure out why your pear-shaped body just can’t pull off the same looks as Kiera Knightly? Ask me, I’ll get you photo shoot ready. We’ve all heard that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but we Fashionistas know that just ain’t so in the world of fashion. To get anywhere in THIS world, a girl’s gotta look good…first impressions DO make a difference. Each week I’ll bring you the latest in fashion and speculate on what’s ahead. Got fashion problems? Got any fashion tricks? Share them. I’ve got your back.
So who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell! But what I will share are my three cardinal rules of beauty:
1. NEVER leave the house without makeup on…full makeup on. You never know just who you will run into on the streets. The day you skip the lip liner is the day Price Charming passes you by.
2. Never apologize for what you look like. Whether someone is snickering at your bold new haircut or gaping over your pink skirt/orange shirt pairing, NEVER apologize, or feel intimidated by how you look. It’s a little known fact that if you’ve got the confidence to pull it off, then you CAN pull it off. If someone laughs at you, squash it with your killer confidence (and a stinging comeback never hurt anyone either). You had the desire to put it on in the morning, so don’t second guess it. YOU ARE GEORGEOUS!
3. Although there are times our shrinking college wallets can’t imagine this is true, a girl can NEVER have too many or spend too much on a good pair of shoes. A common theory with actors is that their character starts with their shoes. Same is true for real life. Whatever look, or character, you are going for today, work from the shoes up. It does not matter how sexy your one shoulder sequins mini looks if you’ve only got tennis shoes to wear with it! Invest in your shoes. Yes, they can be expensive, but your feet will thank you later! Wouldn’t you rather spend the money upfront on a pair of gorgeous Christian Louboutins that lengths your legs and gets you millions of compliments instead of spending it on podiatrist bills later?
To be fashion savy, you need to be fashion forward. To be fashion forward, you got to be unique. To be unique, you’ve got to take risks. Being fashionable is not about being a cookie cutter Kim Kardashian…anyone can do that! You have got to take those fashion rules and bend, twist, and fudge them just a little bit to make it them your own. If you are in a fashion flux, need a fashion SOS or simply are in a fashion SOL, I’m your go to girl. Till next time…
~Girl in the Pink Shoes