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Want to really maximize your college budget? Tuition increases and textbook prices got you down? Well good news, is a great new site aiming to help you save big. The site negotiates exclusive discounts to the tune of 50-90% off and offers the deals to college students only! That’s right, you must have a .edu e-mail address in order to be eligible to buy deals on CollegeBudget. Sucks for everyone else, but– Good news for us because their fashion deals look great. They are running deals of 50% off or more at!),  Urban Outfitters, Beauty Collection, Victoria’s Secret Pink(!!), American Apparel and more.

College Budget - Student Deals

Save 50-90% — college students!

How Does it work?

Every day a new deal is featured on CollegeBudget. The deals are picked to match student tastes in apparel, fun stuff, food, travel and more. If you want the deal, you simply click “Buy” and you receive a certificate to redeem for the deal. Each deal is only available for a limited time, so you have to buy quick or risk regretting letting the deal slip through your fingers (tears, happened a few times to me…) .

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Too late for 55% off! Shucks

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We like it! It’s a novel idea and a great way to save cash on both necessities and fun stuff. Personally, I’m addicted to seeing what will come next in their daily e-mails. It’s become like my morning coffee– except with 0 calories, and with pleasant surprises!



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