Back-to-School Style: Sorority Totes

Now that we are approaching the end of July, back-to-school season has officially begun. The school supply sections have grown significantly larger in stores and it’s time to think about how you will transport all those binders and notebooks to class. Sorority Fashion’s advice? Forget the backpack and update to a tote (a sorority tote while we’re at it)!

Vineyard Vines, one of the most preppy labels around, has been creating custom totes for sororities for some time now. Recently, however, they have been adding more sororities to their collection allowing it become a staple accessory for sororities (especially on the East Coast and in the South). In addition to sorority totes, Vineyard Vines also has a collegiate collection of totes trimmed with university mascots.

Vineyard Vines Tote at Pi Phi Express

For an even more fashionable sorority tote (and my personal favorite) there’s the customizable Longchamp bag. On the official Longchamp website, there’s an option to customize your own bags including the option to embroider or emboss your name or your sorority’s name! However, if you want your Greek letters on it, you’ll have to take your order somewhere else (such as

Finally, you can never go wrong with a classic tote customized with your choice of fabric for the letters. This is the overall favorite in my chapter as it is tradition for each new member class to have one customized. This bag has the most options for customization as you can choose from your sorority’s official colors, your family letters, or your own personal favorite colors and patterns. These totes are pretty easy to find on any sites where you can customize your letters for shirts such as

Zipper Tote

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