Trend Watch: Autumn Transitions

“August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.”- Sylvia Plath
While Sylvia was probably talking about the weather, this quote perfectly surmises my current feelings about fashion. In this not-quite-summer but not-yet-autumn season, outfit options can get tricky. Will it still be too hot for jeans? Is that floral dress too summery? When’s the time to break out the boots? My solution is to blend and layer. Keep some of the more tame summer pieces in play, but begin to add in flannels and warmer tones to hint at the impending autumn season.
I decided to center my look around a simple, white sundress from Forever 21. Crisp and light, this dress is a classic representation of “summer”. To draw focus to the waistline, I added a skinny metallic belt from Express. Over the dress, I layered a red and navy plaid button-up vest from Forever 21 to represent “autumn”. The extra fabric creates a contrast with the white dress and can help keep your legs warm if there’s a chill in the breeze. The sleeveless top provides coverage but won’t overheat you. This vest is a versatile addition as you can utilize the buttons and add more layers as the fall season progresses.
To complete the look, I chose strappy nude wedges by Gianni Bini. These shoes are so comfortable that you could run a marathon in them and really help to create that long and lean look when paired with the vest. The neutral color acts as a blank palate to display our seasonal contrast while making this outfit look polished.
This look is great for a day of shopping at the mall, a casual lunch date, or get-together with friends. Just because it’s the “odd, uneven time” between seasons, doesn’t mean there’s a day off from looking fashionable! So break out those autumn pieces and start experimenting with your layers.
Alison Haselden
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Alison has a mild case of wanderlust but can currently be found studying Public Relations and Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida. She is an active member of Alpha Chi Omega, performer at Walt Disney World and a lover of words, fashion, antiques and dinosaur onesies.