Why You Need to Update Your Instagram to the Latest Version

Why you should update your Instagram to the latest version

Why you should update your Instagram to the latest version

Social media has always been about allowing people to see what is happening all over the world at any given time. But now, thanks to updates across the board, this has been taken to a new level and this is why you should update your Instagram. We are able to see events unfold live all over the place thanks to the measures taken by many social media outlets to ensure their users can really see what is happening at any given moment. Instagram has redesigned their explore tab and the update is now available to everyone in the US. Here’s a look at the major updates:

Trending tags and places:

Never before have we been able to see events happen on a larger scale than just what’s going on with the lives of the people we actually follow directly. If you wanted more than that, you had to do some major searching. Now, thanks to this update that allows you to search trending tags and places, instagram users are able to see video and pictures from events happening all over the world with ease. Content is now being updated faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Curated collections:

Now there are collections of photos available that are hand-picked by instagram. Categories can vary from extreme athletes and national parks to trending places and towering rocks. This feature is sure to expand as time goes on and has some really great potential. The collections are almost like online photo albums and as they get more specific as time goes on, there will likely be a collection of interest for everyone.

Places search:

Another new update is the ability you now have to search by location. It’s easy to explore exotic vacation destinations and even to see what’s going on in your own town thanks to this new feature.

If you haven’t downloaded the new update yet, head to your apps store and check it out!

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