How To Clean Makeup Brushes in 8 Easy Steps

Step 1 One very important aspect of makeup is making sure that you are properly taking care of your skin and the different products that you are using in order to maintain a healthy complexion. With that being said, knowing how to clean makeup brushes regularly is a must. Not only does cleaning your brushes increase the durability and the shelf life of your brushes, but it can also prevent breakouts and irritated skin! Makeup brushes have a knack for trapping unwanted oil and old makeup, which can certainly cause breakouts if used while dirty.

There are tons of different cleaning methods and products when it comes to makeup brushes. However, professional cleaners can tend to be pricey and some DIY concoctions can take too long to whip up, so shampoo and other gentle liquid soaps are cheaper and quicker alternates that still get the job done!

Here is a quick and easy way to clean your makeup brushes using baby shampoo!

1. Get your brushes out and ready to clean! Sometimes I find it easier to wash the brushes in two separate groups (i.e. big fluffy brushes first then eye shadow brushes and other smaller brushes or vice versa).

2. Fill the sink or a bowl with warm water and add a squirt of the shampoo so the water is a little soapy. I like to use Johnson’s baby shampoo, which can be found at practically any drug store or grocery store, because it always leaves my brushes feeling nice and fluffy! It also doesn’t hurt that it smells great, right?

Step 2 3. Next, take each brush individually and swirl it around a couple of times in the soapy water. This will loosen the old makeup and oils trapped in the brush!

Step 3 4. Then, take the brush out of the water and squirt a little bit of shampoo onto the hair of the brush. Use your fingers to thoroughly work the soap through the brush until you have a nice soapy lather.

Step 4 5. Dip the brush back into the warm water to remove the rest of the makeup and soap, swirling it around a few times.

Step 5 6. Quickly rinse the brush off with cool water.

Step 6 7. Gently squeeze the water leftover in the brush and reshape using your fingers. I like to swirl the brush around a few times on the palm of my hand to make the brush a little bit fluffier while reshaping the hair.

8. When finished, lay the brushes down flat on a clean towel or a mat to dry with a little bit of space in between each one. It’s that easy!  Step 7


It usually takes several hours for the hair to dry, but drying time can be reduced by making sure that there is space between each brush and turning them over throughout the day to ensure that the whole brush is drying. Because it takes so long for the hair to dry, make sure that you pick a time to clean your brushes when you know you won’t be using them for at least a few hours. Once the brushes dry, they could go for one more fluff using the palm of your hand, and they’re ready to be used!


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