Fall in Love With Lipstick

Maybe it’s the fact that the sun has finally decided to stop melting every beauty product off my face, but there’s just something about autumn that makes me want to wear lipstick. Lipstick completes a beauty look and makes the finished product come across as polished and professional. Wearing lipstick is also a sneaky way to emphasize the cheekbones and jawline, as the eye is drawn to the center of the face. Cooler weather, layered clothes, pumpkin-flavored everything and countless fall-themed activities call for only the most chic beauty trends. Here are three of my favorite lipsticks this fall:


-Haute Altitude (MAC)

Haute Altitude is one of my favorite “every-day” colors. I’m so pale that my lips don’t have a natural rosy color, and I’ve found that this does the trick! Even on lips that already are flushed with color, this color adds a little something extra. It’s a gentle mauve-y/pink that brings out the color in your cheeks and is complementary to most outfit choices.


-Natural (Ben Nye)

Natural, as the name suggests, is by far the most versatile shade I currently have in my arsenal. It’s pink based, but with enough brown tones blended in to give it a sense of class. This is my go-to for everything from interviews, to parties, to dinner with the family.


-Russian Red (MAC)

To this day, I don’t think I’ve met a girl who doesn’t love red lipstick. It’s bold, bright and powerful and not only tops off a look, but comes with a built-in confidence boost, too! Russian Red, a classic MAC color, is especially complementary to those with blue-undertones. It’s one of my favorite ways to give an all-black outfit a little extra edge or to draw focus to the face when wearing a simpler look.

Application Quick-Tips:

-Utilize your lipliner! It will sculpt your lip shape and make them look fuller and your lines cleaner. No one likes lopsided lipstick!

-Apply two coats of lipstick. After the first coat, place a tissue gently over your lips and dust the top of it with setting powder. Your color will last much longer this way!

-Prime your lips. If your lipstick doesn’t look the same color in the tube as it does on your face, try priming your lips with a light coat of foundation before applying lipstick to make it pop!

Alison Haselden
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Alison has a mild case of wanderlust but can currently be found studying Public Relations and Entrepreneurship at the University of Florida. She is an active member of Alpha Chi Omega, performer at Walt Disney World and a lover of words, fashion, antiques and dinosaur onesies.