No Gym Necessary Workout

Don’t belong to a gym or don’t feel like getting there? There’s no excuse not to squeeze a workout in when you can do it from home. Here are some of my favorite moves to strengthen your legs, arms, and abs- with no gym required!

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**You can use weights, gallons of milk, textbooks, whatever you have handy that will add weight resistance to these exercises.

Warm-up: Get your body warm and ready to workout with 50 jumping jacks or a 15 minute walk/jog. Then make sure you stretch at least your main muscle groups. Pick one of the following target areas to focus on each day by doing 2-3 sets or you can do each set once through for a full body workout.

Check out’s exercise database for videos of how to complete each exercise and to find more workouts.


Set 1

15 burpees

20 air squats **

30 walking lunges (15 per side) **

20 jump squats

30 jump lunges (15 per side)

Set 2

30 squat with leg extension to the side (15 per side) **

30 reverse lunge with leg extension forward (15 per side) **

24 side leg raises (12 per side)

30 clam (15 per side)

Set 3

Hold a bridge pose for 30 seconds, rest 15 seconds

Hold bridge 60 seconds with one leg extended (30 seconds per side) rest 15 seconds in between

30 scissor kicks out to the side and back together

30 straight leg raises


Set 1

15 tricep dips with legs extended on the ground

20 commando planks (10 per side)

15 dumbbell press **

45 second plank

Set 2

15 push ups

50 mountain climbers (25 per side)

30 second reverse plank

10 reverse plank dip

Set 3

15 dumbbell curl **

15 front shoulder raise **

20 overhead triceps extension **


Set 1

30 straight leg sit-ups

15 bent leg raises

50 bicycle crunches (25 per side)

20 sit-up with twist (10 per side)

Set 2

30 oblique twists (15 per side)

20 toe reaches

60 second plank

60 second side plank (30 seconds per side)

Set 3

30 standing oblique (15 per side)

50 mountain climbers (25 per side)

20 crunches





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Amy is currently a junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she is double majoring in Journalism and Communications and minoring in Information Technology. In her free time she loves to workout, practice yoga, paint, and scroll through Pinterest. She can't wait to share her insights from her own college experience!