DIY Bubbly Birthday Gifts

Once Junior and Senior year rolls around, it seems like 21st birthday bashes begin to completely eat away at every weekend in your calendar. Between finishing up homework so you can enjoy the festivities and putting together your cutest outfits to wear, it’s hard to find time to pick out the perfect presents for your girls. Have no fear- we’ve found an easy and affordable way to dazzle your friends with a DIY gift that is sure to please.

DIY Bubbly Birthday Gift


Champagne is always the drink of choice when you’re down for a good old fashion celebration. By adding a little shimmer and shine to the already-sparkling mix, you’ll have the cutest present at the party. Here’s what you’ll need:

1 Unopened Champagne Bottle of Choice

1 Bottle of Glass Interior Frosting Spray

1 Bottle of Mod Podge Super Hi-Shine Clear Acrylic Sealer

1 (or 2) 2.5 Oz Containers of Extra Fine Glitter

1 Sheet Set of Letter Stickers

1 Metal Tray

1 Sheet of Wax Paper

Step 1:

Lay out your pan and spread your wax paper on top. The reason you’ll need this is so when the glitter falls onto the sheet, you can simply fold the paper and shift it back into its container.

Step 2:

Grip the neck of the bottle with one hand and spray the Glass Interior Frosting Spray around only the glass portion of the bottle. Cover the bottle completely and repeat once more. Our suggestion is to use KRYLON spray, (seen below) but any brand should work. This is used as an adhesive for the glitter.

DIY Champagne Birthday Gift

Step 3:

If you’re only using one color glitter, pour the glitter directly onto the sprayed portion of the bottle. It’s okay to use a lot of glitter- it ends up falling off after it dries anyways. If you’re using 2 colored glitters, start with ONLY covering the bottom half of the sprayed portion with your color of choice. After that sets for a few minutes, pour your second colored glitter on the top half of the sprayed portion. Let this dry for at least 6 hours.

DIY Champagne Birthday Gift

Step 4:

DO NOT TOUCH THE BOTTLE. By touching the bottle, it will leave finger tip indentations on the surface. Simply grip the neck of the bottle firmly once again (without touching any glitter) and spray the bottle with the Mod Podge (Mod Podge bottle can be seen in Step 2). Do this until the bottle has a somewhat thin layer over it.

Step 5:

Repeat step 4 to ensure that none of the glitter will shed from the bottle.

Step 6:

Get creative! Use lettered or decorative stickers to jazz up the bottle to make it more personal. This craft is fabulous for 21st birthdays, but can definitely be done for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, ect.!

Step 7:

Present it to your best girls and let the Champagne showers begin!

Jenna Vreeland
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Jenna is currently a senior at Penn State University majoring in Print & Digital Journalism. This is her first year interning for Sorority Fashion and she couldn't be more thrilled to pursue passion of writing. When Jenna isn't writing for Sorority Fashion, she can be found posting on her well-known foodie Instagram or working on all sorts of DIY projects. She is a proud member of Zeta Tau Alpha and looks forward to sharing her college experience with the rest of the world!