Five Ways To Stay Active While Traveling

5 Ways to Stay Active While Traveling

5 Ways to Stay Active While Traveling

Summer means lots of vacationing and lots of laying outside by the pool. While summertime is perfect for taking it easy, it’s also a good time to stay active, because let’s be honest, you do want to feel confident in your swim suit (whatever your version of confident is.)

But how do you keep up with your fitness plan when you’re on vacation?

Well the most important thing to remember is that it IS a vacation. You’re allowed to relax, and sometimes it’s actually good to take a break from an everyday workout.

But for longer trips, or if you are someone who just can’t sit still, here are some tips for staying active that don’t require a hotel gym.

1. Walking

This one is the easiest to work into your vacation schedule. Odds are you’ll be walking around whatever place you’re visiting doing some sight seeing. If you skip public transportation, you’ll rack up miles everyday AND get to see views you probably wouldn’t normally.

One way to keep this exciting is to use the fitness app on your phone. iPhones and Androids both have one installed out of the book. It’s really fun to see your steps and miles rack up. Set a goal for the end of your trip and see how much you can beat it by!

2. Scenic Running

If you just can’t skip your runs or if you’re training for a race, there are plenty of options! Research parks and bodies of water near where you’re staying that would provide a lovely backdrop.

If you’re going somewhere that’s hotter than the climate you’re used to, try getting up a little earlier and running in the morning when it’s cooler.

That goes for any workout actually: If you can get them done before your day really begins then you’ll have the rest of the day to spend taking in the sights.

3. Look Online For Quick Workouts

The Internet (especially Pinterest) is full of pre-made workouts for every part of your body. You probably won’t want to do a full one while you’re on vacation, but there are plenty of under 30 minute ones that you can find. A search of “quick workout” pulls up dozens of choices to fit every person’s unique needs

If they call for weights, your beauty product bottles or water bottles work great in a pinch!

4. Swimming

Going to the beach or have a pool where you’re staying? That’s a cool place to burn some calories.

If you actually go swimming (and not just wading) then you’ll be able to sneak in a fun workout.

The water itself provides resistance which builds up your muscle strength. A thirty minute swim can burn anywhere from 300-450 calories defending on your weight and intensity!

5. Drop-In Classes

Most (if not all) cities have a ton of boutique fitness classes. SoulCycle, FlyBarre, Barry’s Bootcamp, and ModelFit are just a few. If you don’t have these where you’re from then this is the perfect opportunity to check them out.

While you may not be able to afford to go a lot, it’s definitely worth taking one drop in class to experience it!

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