10 IG Accounts Every Girl Should Follow


Most times we aimlessly scroll through our Instagram feed and see puppies, sunsets, girls laying on the beach, party pictures, and of course the “occasional” selfie. But are we really utilizing Instagram the way we should be? Especially for us girls, there are thousands (possibly millions) of these out-of-the-scope Instagram accounts that are hidden under the clutter of WCWs and TBTs. These accounts are not only intriguing but some are even uplifting! So, we simmered down a list of 10 IG accounts every girl should follow.

1. CareerContessa

One of the more motivating accounts out in the IG world that many women have never heard of. “Honest Conversations from real women about work & life to help you achieve fulfillment and balance in both”. They feature women who have all successfully achieved life the way they wanted to. The account posts inspiring quotes from these women almost daily, and for even more great influence you can read these womens’ stories on careercontessa.com

2. The Everygirl

As stated on the profile as a Top 100 Website for Women by Forbes this account one of the more popular ones. They have an array of different instagram posts for every girl (of course). The posts range from apartment styling on a budget to the expectations of a bridesmaid. This account is geared toward women who are leaving the homestead and creating their own identity. It is definitely worth the scroll.


3. Lyst

Oh what a lovely lovely thing. Lyst is the personal shopping guru of Instagram. If it is featured on the account then it is sold on the website. Lyst personalizes each Lyst users account so they can see the latest looks on their favorite brands and recieve alerts when there is new stock. Who doesn’t love some shopping right at your fingertips?

4. A Bikini A Day

Creators of the account are social media famous. Tash Oakley and Devin Brugman live the dream we all wish would come true for ourselves one day. These ladies travel the world, model in bathing suits from different boutiques and stores where they promote each brand. I repeat, they are paid to travel, dress well, and look pretty for IG pictures. You have to give them credit though, they are entreprenuers who thought of the most brilliant way to create a perfect career! They have recently started into the fitness and beauty industry as well.


The account is based solely off of scrumptious foods, hence “hungry betches”. This is a fun account to really get your tummy grumbling for some good eats. The posts are based around NYC food places but anyone can enjoy the yummy pictures and hilarious captions. Embrace your hunger!

6. CollegeCookin

Yet another account created by a girl, but does appeal to both sexes! Healthy and budget friendly meals all posted directly on the Instagram page. We all now every college girl’s biggest fear was the freshman fifteen, but this account can have every girl avoiding that. She offers ways to make baked goods by the healthier alternative. Bonus: she has some great giveaways!!

7. Hannah Bronfman

This is the only personal account that is highly recommended to any girl. Hannah Bronfman is an all around Renaissance Woman. She not only is a disc jockey for clubs all over the world and one of Nicole Richie’s good friends, but she posts the most useful IG posts for us everyday gals. The woman is a major fitness enthusiast who goes from dance, to pilates, and then to pylometrics. Hannah also posts the most appetizing foods and explains what is in those delectable meals. She also always has the most stunning outfits and nails. She has it all, including her own hashtag #hbfit which leads to it’s own Instagram account.

8. Man Repeller

Who doesn’t like the sound of that? This account is purely for your entertainment. It is the official Instagram account for the Man Repeller website where fashion, humor and culture are wrapped up in one. Such as Lyst, you can buy designer clothes right on the website. However, Man Repeller does not stop there! The hilarious posts don’t stop and won’t stop. If you go to the website they have continuous blogs just to give you a good laugh like, “How Dramatic are You?” and “The Thought Process of Sitting in Traffic”. Trust me, you will not get bored on this IG account.

9. TheStylistLA

The Stylist LA is a diamond in the ruff. They only have a little over 7000 followers. The Stylist LA is a designer dress rental company(wonderful) that ships nationwide if you order online (even more wonderful). And even if you are not the type to rent a designer dress, the account itself is silly and vibrant. Most IG pictures are silly posts for everyday work gal.


10. SororityFashion

Last but not least our very own Instagram account that gives every girl the insight she needs day to day. We not only post chic outfits for travel and weekends, but nail art and healthy eats too.  If you need an inspirational pick me up to get you through the work day, we got it. So if you do not already followed us, you should probably get on that!

Paige Perrucci
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Paige recently graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She will be attending graduate school for Fashion Marketing at LIM College in Manhattan and hopes to eventually get her law degree as well. She enjoys working out, traveling and a good style magazine.