World Cup Fever

This summer it’s all about the sports. Although the jerseys and vuvuzelas may not be the best fashion statement, they do indeed make a statement. A girl who has pride and sticks to her favorite team throughout the world cup or even the summer league baseball play couldn’t be more attractive. A little midriff and knee-high socks have never looked better. Funny enough, there is even a term used for the wives and girlfriends of British soccer players who are considered attractive: WAGS. But honestly, who wouldn’t want to date some of these fine looking men. Cosmo does a great job at capturing the best looking men with this slideshow.

Recently, at Dodger Stadium Alyssa Milano was spotted sporting jeans and a dodger t-shirt. My best friend Dempsey and I were lucky enough to take a picture with her:

My friends and I, getting a pic with Alyssa Milano at a Dodgers game! Left to right: Michele, Alyssa Milano, Dempsey, and Greg