Formal Outfit Ideas!


Formal season is upon us (mine is at the beginning of May)! Remember how tough it was to get together the perfect outfit for prom? You thought you’d never have to go through THAT mess again! Fortunately, I’ve compiled some formal looks for you to try out – get ready to impress your sisters/date!

Classy and Chic – Forever 21

Impress your sweetheart and your sisters with a timeless yet updated look. The classic rose and flower detail gets a good update with a bright colored shoe – totally unexpected!

Rosette Bubble Dress – $24.80
Open Side Suedette Heels (in Navy) – $24.80
3-D Rose Wallet (in Black) – $9.50
Lacquered Nature Earrings – $3.80

Quirky and Cute –

Have a spontaneous and adorable flair at your formal – everyone will be jealous of your impeccable taste! This also works great if the formal is 80’s themed!

Betsey Johnson Sweet Confection Dress – $398
Button Me Uptown Heel – $39.99
This Is Zip Bag – $49.99
Where The Heart Is Necklace – $24.99

Wild and Glam –

Be the life of the party with this ravishing rock ensemble. The snake cuff is insane, right? Perfect little touch to an already wild outfit.

Ruched Leopard Print Tank Dress (in NATLEO) – $24.90
Leatherette Cross-Strap Heel – $26.70
Sequin Hard Case Clutch (in Pewter) – $41.60
Rhinestone Snake Bracelet – $19.50

All set for formal! Make it the best one yet. Enjoy your outfit, your friends, and your sisters!

PS – I’m in between these two dresses for formal! I’m torn!

Red Carpet Royalty Dress in Afterparty – SALE – $32.99

Behnaz-Sarafpour for Target – Silk Georgette Lace Dress in Ivory – $44.99

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