Is a Scam? No, It’s not.

Many students are rightfully worried about potential scams and rip-offs, but thankfully not everything out there is looking to scam college students. I have been asked by some of our members about, and so I’m going to give me quick 2 cents about this. Yes, does cost money to join but so does every honor society out there. If an honor society does not charge, they would have no way to fund all of the privileges, scholarships, and other benefits you receive. In fact, has been recognized as the #1 Honor Society for perks and benefits by Honor Society Reviews. Some of the helpful benefits I have seen include free foreign language courses by, free grad school test prep by, 10% off all textbook rentals from, and industry career guides by All in all, is one of the most prestigious and legitimate honor societies out there. If anyone becomes eligible to join, I would highly encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity and associated privileges.

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