What is HonorSociety.org? And Why I l Love it!


So where do I begin… I usually don’t gush about things like this but being in HonorSociety.org makes me so happy. It begins with the nomination I received a few months back, and has been a whirlwind of recognition and perks that I have received ever since.

There was no better feeling that telling my mom and dad I was inducted! All of my family was really excited and that made me feel so great!! The real reason I started to love it is when I explored all of the benefits they give their members. I immediately used the foreign language course to start learning Italian (I’m going their in August!) and– of course– redeemed the greek gear discount in order to buy a couple summer tees. ¬†All of the discounts were legit when I used them, so I immediately knew HonorSociety.org was no scam. The credibility and reputation of HonorSociety.org, where important factors when deciding to accept the invitation. ¬†Receiving a nomination to this exclusive organization with a solid reputation was the capstone of a great 2nd year of college, where I made dean’s list twice.

Molte Grazie HonorSociety.org!

Can’t wait to put my Italian classes to use in Rome! <3





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