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Summer is in full swing and we are loving every minute of it over here at SF! Although it seems like lately the Los Angeles weather has been anything but sunny (we get it June gloom, go away now)it hasn’t stopped us from daydreaming of being at the beach all day. That’s why we’ve curated the beach bag essentials that you’ll be glad you packed in your beach bag!



Water Bottle // Beach Towel // Snacks // Phone Charger // Lip Balm // Sunglasses
Beach Bag // Bikini Pouch // Sunscreen // Sweater

Water Bottle – Always bring a water bottle with you. Hydration is always important, but even more so if you plan on laying out in the sun all day. Not only will staying hydrated keep you from getting a headache or lightheaded in the sun, but it also keeps your skin hydrated.

Beach Towel – Beach towels say more about you than you think! One of our favorite “tricks” for making sure your towel doesnt get too sandy is to lay down a straw mat underneath.

Snacks – You know you’re going to get hungry, so pack some “healthier” snacks so you don’t feel guilty or bloated while sitting on the beach. These skinny quinoa sticks are a great alternatie to chips and salsa and since they’re made with chia seeds, you’ll stay fuller longer.

Phone Charger – So if you’re anything like us, you’ll get to the beach set out your towel and spend the first 30 minutes taking pics for Instagram and Snapchat. Then suddenly your battery is drained and you still have 3 hours left to go on the beach. You wont need to stress though if you pack a mobile phone charger!

Lip Balm – Just like the rest of your body, your lips need sun protection too. Make sure you apply SPF lip balm as often as you’re reapplying sunscreen.

Sunscreen – Sunscreen is everything. It’s the key to anti-aging and to not running around looking like a bright red lobster. Trust us, we know sunscreen can be a pain but your 65 year old self will thank you for it!

Sunglasses – Always keep a pair of sunglasses in your beach bag and leave them there. There is nothing worse than forgetting your sunglasses when you go to the beach, so by having a beach bag only pair, you’ll never be without them! Tip – you know how you accumulate all those cheap-o sunglasses throughout college from all those events and parties? Stick one of those in your beach bag so you wont be tempted to take them out.

Bikini Pouch – This is often overlooked, but when you have it, it’s a life saver. If you are headed to dinner right after the beach and need to change, you dont want to throw a wet swimsuit in the bag of all your things. Throw it in the plastic lined bikini pouch and you wont have to worry about it!

Sweater – If you’re in Texas reading this don’t even bother with the sweater. It’s not going to drop down below 90 degrees even when the sun goes down. However, if you’re on the coast, it’s going to cool down and you’re going to be so glad that you packed the extra sweater.

Beach Bag – What makes the perfect beach bag? The perfect beach bag will hold all of your essentials and is easy to carry. Pockets are an extra bonus to keep you organized so that you don’t have to dump everything out on the sand in search for your tiny lip balm.

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