Easy DIY Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Hair Mask Ingredients

Do you have damaged, dull, or dry hair? Are you tired of searching for a solution to resolve the toll that curling wands, blow dryers, and other products take on your lovely locks? Look no further than your own kitchen!

Making do-it-yourself hair masks using oils and other natural ingredients found in the average pantry doesn’t only save the money in your pockets, but it also saves your hair! Although there are dozens of recipes for homemade hair masks circulating on the web, my absolute favorite consists of a simple mixture of olive oil, coconut oil, honey, and an egg!

This mask has a deep conditioning effect and leaves the hair unbelievably shiny and soft! In addition, there are no harsh or damaging chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about the mask hurting your hair or scalp. Rather, this concoction repairs and moisturizes your locks, replenishing it and returning it to its healthy state!

All you need:

2 tsp. coconut oil

2 tsp. olive oil

1 tsp. honey

1 large egg

Mixing bowl

Measuring cups

Spatula or whisk

First, measure out the four ingredients and add them all to a mixing bowl in no particular order.

Mixing Ingredients

Mix the oils, the honey, and the egg, using either a spatula or a whisk for a few seconds until the ingredients are blended together.

Stirring the Ingredients

Wrap a towel over your shoulders before using the mask so it doesn’t get onto your clothes and skin. Additionally, you can certainly apply the mask to dry hair; however, I also find it much easier to use with wet or damp hair!

Damp Hair

Then, use your fingers to work the mixture into your hair. Massage the mask from the roots to the ends of your hair. I find it easier to apply the mask by separating the hair into different sections and tackling one section at a time.

Applying to Hair 1

I also like to either stand over a sink or in the shower while doing this step simply because this process can tend to be messy, and by doing so, I can easily clean up any messes made along the way!

After thoroughly massaging the mask into your hair, wrap your hair up into a bun if you have longer hair, and secure with a few pins or clips.

Clipping Hair

Let the mask soak for about 20-25 minutes.

Finally, wash the mask out of your hair thoroughly using shampoo and conditioner. After, let your hair air-dry, and enjoy your shiny and healthy hair! I like to use shampoo and conditioner with argan oil and run a little bit of shine serum through my hair for extra sleekness and shine.

Dry Hair

Feel free to add more of each of the ingredients if you have either really long or really damaged hair. Also, for maximum results, use this mask every few weeks or so, as it is a deep conditioner.

Elaina Wilson
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Elaina Wilson is a sophomore at Indiana University Bloomington studying
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