How to: Color block and mix bright colors!


I know, I know, color blocking sounds a bit scary! And the idea of mixing different colors that you wouldn’t normally pair together is reason enough for some of you to stop reading now.. But hear me out! If you do it right, it actually turns out to be super cute! You just have to follow a few foolproof rules to make sure you get it right every time and before you know you’ll be known as the fierce Fashionista and people will be begging you for tips on color blocking.

Okay, so the first rule when color blocking is to go tonal, now you should really do this with every outfit you put together, but when color blocking with all bright colors is extremely important so that the outfit flows. Okay, so what the heck does tonal mean? It means that the colors you should to put together in your outfit all have the same tone. Like for example jewel tones if I was to pick a jade green top I could go with rich royal blue pants and a bright orange/red shoe.

Another good way to keep your outfit tonal by going with warm tones or cool tones. An easy way to remember the difference between warm tones and cool tones and by looking at warm tones as being associated with the sun warm weather and cool tones we associate with the cool weather and things that have a connection with nature like the sky and the grass. When you keep your colors within these categories, there is no way it won’t flow and look good!

The last rule I have for you is one that you can change when you start to feel a bit more comfortable with mixing bright colors, but it keeps it to a three color maximum at the start this will ensure that you won’t overwhelm your outfit with too many colors. And with all of that my last rule for mixing bright colors is to always wear a lot of confidence with your outfit! Now of course you should with every outfit you choose, but here it adds just enough spunk to make the already fierce look even more hot!


Meagan Young
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My name is Meagan Young, I'm a Senior at Stephen F. Austin State University, I'm Fashion Merchanding Major and a Public Relations Minor and I'm a member of Delta Delta Delta. I have a strong passion for the beauty and fashion industry and love researching new trends. I am so blessed that has given me as such a great opportunity to share my passion with my fellow fashion loving sisters.