Feng Shui the Simple Way: The Bedroom


We have complied some research and narrowed down steps to Feng Shui the simple way for your bedroom.  Let’s give a little background information before we submerge you into the art of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is the ancient chinese art that unifies people with their surrounding environments. Feng Shui plainly stands for “wind-water” and it’s purpose is to move energy or Chi throughout the environment, in this case, your bedroom.

As described from Energy Arts, “Chi is that which gives you life. It differentiates a corpse from a live human being”.  Chi can promote health, wealth, good family ties, and happiness. Who doesn’t want all of that? Each room can be decorated by Feng Shui, but some say your bedroom is the most important!

To truly give your room a Feng Shui flow you need to set up a Bagua and of course follow some simple steps that I have laid out for you. A Bagua translates to “eight areas”.  The areas comprise of Wealth, Fame, Relationships, Children, Health, Creativity, Knowledge, Career, and Travel/Helpful People. Health is in the middle of the Bagua.


Now that you have some knowledge of Feng Shui we can get started. You can print the Bagua Map I have here for you or create one of your own. Once you have a Bagua Map, stand in the doorway of your bedroom. Your entranceway to your room will lie within either Knowledge, Career or Travel. Once you have determined all the areas of your room and where they are on the map then the Feng Shui begins. Bring elements into those areas that will enhance your chi and ultimately enhance your wealth, realtionships, knowledge, etc. For example, the relationships section in your room should be romantic and warm. Incorporate reds and pinks into that area. Also, coupling similar objects in that area promotes relationships! Hint Hint, single gals! Lastly, we have listed several Feng Shui Elements that are important to your new Bedroom Abyss. Remember, the bedroom is your Sanctuary!


Feng Shui’s major mantra is simplicity and minimalism. Keep your room clean and you will ultimately feel better. Hence why Health is in the middle of your room. Do not leave dirty gym clothes there! Also, under the bed  should be clutter free as well. This is strictly for the fact that you will sleep better at night and your chi can travel through the room easier. Namast’ay OUT from under the Bed.

Feng Shui Simple Way 2

2. Mirrors in Bedrooms are BAD

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Do not be vain, ladies. One mirror will not hurt you but mirrors reflect sound, light and harsh energy.  Less is more.

3. Pictures and Things…

The bedroom promotes romance and sleep. All my single girls put your hands up, this one is for you! Do not have too many photos of others in your bedroom. It sounds strange, but this deters from your relationship goals. You may end up with pizza and netflix in bed for life…EEKS.

Now this applies for all girls…get rid of exes pictures, gifts, etc. You may like that Tiffany’s necklace they bought you in December of 2012, but it isn’t helping your current relationship and/or future one.

4. Balance is Key

Many Feng Shui Professionals suggest to never have too much of one thing. Shapes, furniture, and materials in the room should all be different..get creative! Whole bedroom sets are not encouraged!

Feng Shui

5. Storage

I know as a lady I have stash clothes, purses, shoes, and more clothes wherever I can put them but storage is a vital process to Feng Shui. Clutter postpones good energy so if you are wondering why you are not getting that job offer you wanted, maybe clean the filth in your career section. Get rid of useless things and put away seasonal clothes you will not need for several months.

6. Family/Knowledge

These are two sections in your Bagua that go unoticed sometimes. Take the time to put something unique in those areas. Perhaps a chair in your Knowledge section for thinking and reading. Honor pictures of your Family in your Family Section they are your support team!! Do not dismiss them.

7. Bedding

As stated earlier, sleep is a major factor of what goes into the Feng Shui process of a bedroom. Keep sheets new and washed routinely. Pillows that are old harbor bad energy. We release stress when we sleep at night, so if you have had a break up, a loss of family member or hard times, throw that pillow OUT.

8. Electronics

Electronics are a major issue in Feng Shui. They interrupt sleep, cause headaches and in extreme cases, they can cause cancer. In reality, we should not have electronics in the room, but we all know that isn’t happening. So, for starters place electronics as far away from your bed as possible. Electromagnetic energy can disrupt sleep and alter health. A.K.A. do not sleep with your phone next to you. Sorry not sorry.

9. Closet

I personally believe your closet might be one of the most important areas to focus on for good energy and happiness. Your closet is translated as the most private and personal matters in your life. Make sure your closet is well lighted. This promotes a clear mind and conscious. Also, as weird as this may sound color coordinated your closets really impact good chi. Rainbows symbolize blessing, hope, and a good future!


I hope this helps on your endeavor to being a Feng Shui Master. The process takes time, but the more you learn, the more you will be happier with your room and initially your life! Remember, have fun with it and be creative. May the Good Chi be with you.


Paige Perrucci
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Paige recently graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She will be attending graduate school for Fashion Marketing at LIM College in Manhattan and hopes to eventually get her law degree as well. She enjoys working out, traveling and a good style magazine.