The Trend We’ve Been Waiting For: Athleisure

We’ve come into a time when wearing athletic gear (if properly styled) is acceptable at some workplaces and going out. This new trend in fashion: Athleisure, also known as sporty chic has made a boom throughout the globe. A basic definition of this new phenomena is wearing your “S’cute” gym clothes…..outside of the gym.

CNBC recently interviewed Reebok’s head of design Corinna Werkle. She stated, “Performance gear becomes part of your day to day.  Even if somebody is not a high-performing athlete, the looks fits into their casual work wardrobe.” Athleisure is the answer to every college girl or young lady entering the workforce. “In particular, 46 percent of women between the ages of 19 to 34 said they have become more interested in athleisure wear in recent years.” ANNND, as you all should! This trend is not leaving any time soon. Young women still in college can wake up for their 8 am in stylish leggings and head right to yoga class while still looking trendy. And for the ladies who have recently landed an exciting job after college, this trend grants you “fashion permission” to mix and match with your work attire and gym attire. Cannot get better than that!

Straight from Eric Wilson, the InStyle Fashion News Director, “Athleisure is bigger than a trend, as evidenced by the people who wear yoga pants anywhere.” The millenials (us!) have changed the way companies are designing clothes. No longer are they changing our minds about what is “in” or “out”, but instead they are adapting to the inevitable comfy clothes WE know to love.

Kate Spade Sidney Sneaker

Kate Spade Sidney Sneaker


Nothing in your closet is safe, from your old high school sports jersey to the new Kate Spade  sneakers you just purchased from her new fashion-footwear line!  As Jaime Barr the footwear and accessories editor from trend forecasting firm WGSN stated in her interview with CNBC, “As casual styles have become more acceptable across all facets of life, from Saturday brunch to work, designers have started to incorporate more laid-back designs into their fashion-footwear offerings.” Like sneakers, all athletic/leisure wear is becoming more acceptable as everyday wear.





Here are some simple cues to help you create your own Athleisure look.


Don’t Do Sets:

Matching head-to-toe outfits are too cliché. We are out of the years of Juicy Couture matching valor sweat suits. Keep it original and fresh.  Pair your joggers with a cute blazer and bold jewelry.

Sneakers can be Key:

Sneakers are an excellent way to make your outfit look sporty chic and comfortable. Go for a neutral shade sneaker that can be paired with any dress, skirt or pant. I advise that you don’t wear your worn down running shoes if possible. You still want to be crisp and collected.

Trench It:

If you’ve seen on Instagram and different fashion blogs, the latest add-in to the Athleisure look is a trench coat. It gives off that classic style from running errands to grabbing coffee with your girlfriends. Pair your unconventional leggings with some cute sneaks and a trench.



Old Jerseys and Mesh:

Mesh is a perfect way to incorporate sporty chic to your look. Our girl RiRi has accomplished this trend since the age of time. Many of her looks consist of mesh tops or Adidas jerseys with ripped jeans and strappy heels. Do not be afraid to pull out those old basketball jerseys from middle school! The athletic leisure look is supposed to be creative, fashionable and you can tell people it is vintage 😉




Keep the Rest Clean:

To successfully achieve this look–remember that some of your outfit has to be clean, as in you did not roll out of bed in your Victoria Secret sweats and an old tee shirt. This could mean wear modern makeup with a red lip, blazer, jewelry and VS patterned yogas. A good measure is being OK with walking into a restaurant or casual workplace without people judging you as if you did not ‘dress to impress’ for the day.

SO, be daring, be confident, and show off that sporty chic style directly from your gym bag!


Paige Perrucci
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Paige recently graduated from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. She will be attending graduate school for Fashion Marketing at LIM College in Manhattan and hopes to eventually get her law degree as well. She enjoys working out, traveling and a good style magazine.