20 Healthy Habits You Should Be Doing


Healthy Habits main We all have our habits, good and bad, which dictate our health over time. The rule of thumb is that it takes 21 days to make a habit stick if you commit to it. Try to implement some of these healthy habits to start seeing positive changes to your daily life!


    1. Wash up every morning; A quick shower or even just washing your face can be a total game changer in the morning to wake you up and make you feel refreshed. Use this time to think about what you want to accomplish that day.
    2. Take a break from your phone when you’re with others; Nowadays we are constantly keeping in contact with those not physically with us but when you’re with others, embrace the company.
    3. Exercise daily; “I don’t have time” is no longer an excuse. Exercise doesn’t need to be a huge time commitment. Just get moving for part of the day even if just you do squats and sit-ups while you watch TV and your body will thank you.
    4. Reduce your added sugar and salt intake; You’ll feel a lot less bloated and tired when you start eliminating excessive amounts in your diet.
    5. Drink water with lemon before anything; Starting your day with some H2O jump starts your digestive system and detoxifies the body. You should also aim to drink half your body weight in ounces of water throughout the day to keep you hydrated properly.
    6. Wear SPF every single day; We don’t see the day by day damage the environment has on our skin until it’s too late to do anything so be proactive by getting a moisturizer with SPF and apply it daily.
    7. Never grocery shop on an empty stomach; Going food shopping hungry is a recipe for disaster because you’ll end up getting nothing but junk to fuel your cravings.
    8. Take care of your clothing and belongings; Now that you’ve probably stopped growing, invest in quality merchandise and take good care of it so it will last rather than constantly replacing old, worn out goods.
    9. Fill up on protein and fiber rich foods; They will keep you fuller longer so you’ll do less snacking throughout the day.
    10. Watch the booze; Each gram of alcohol has 7 calories and no nutritional value so the empty calories add up quickly. Plus, hangovers are the worst!
    11. Don’t snack if you aren’t hungry; Simple as that. Be mindful of your body.
    12. Put loose change in a jar; Save up your coins for something you’ve been wanting such as a vacation or even a new pair of shoes.
    13. Catch enough Zzz’s; Your body repairs itself and processes everything from the day while you sleep so don’t skimp on your hours! Getting on a solid sleep schedule is important in order to have productive days.
    14. Use stress management techniques; Stress can have serious negative effects on the body. Try listening to a meditation or relaxation video, take breaks, and always remember to breathe!
    15. Pack healthy snacks for on-the-go; Eating throughout the day is good to keep your metabolism up and running. Bringing along healthy options is key so you don’t use the convenience of vending machines or fast food. Try snacks like nuts, fruit, Greek yogurt, or veggie sticks.
    16. Take up yoga; The mind and body connection you develop during yoga is so beneficial for your health. You can reduce stress, improve your flexibility, and get stronger with each practice. Follow online videos or practice at a studio.
    17. Clean your makeup brushes; The buildup of makeup, dirt, oils, and bacteria on your brushes can cause you to break out. Wash them with warm water and shampoo or a brush cleaner and let them dry. Clean brushes work so much better, too!
    18. Don’t smoke; We all know there is nothing good about it. It smells bad, eats up your wallet, and can cause diseases. So don’t start and quit if you are a smoker!
    19. Floss daily; Most of us tell the dentist we floss every day but the truth is a lot of people are guilty or skipping that part of the routine. Remove the plaque between your teeth to prevent damage to your pearly whites and gums!
    20. Become a morning bird; The early bird gets the worm! You’ll have the chance to wake up at your own pace and the extra time to prepare for the day reduces the hectic rush.





Amy Lightbody
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Amy is currently a junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she is double majoring in Journalism and Communications and minoring in Information Technology. In her free time she loves to workout, practice yoga, paint, and scroll through Pinterest. She can't wait to share her insights from her own college experience!