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CHAARG: The Fitness Org You Need To Know About


  First off, what is CHAARG? While it may sound like a sorority for girls who like to work out, it’s actually more than that. Also, since it’s not Greek and technically not an actual sorority you can still stick with your sisters while gaining a healthier stance on life.! CHAARG stands for Changing Health, Attitudes, + Actions To Recreate Girls. It’s all about “liberating …

The Importance Of An Active Life For Mental Health

Active Lifestyle

The importance of living an active lifestyle is something you hear all the time. “It’ll make you look good!” “You’ll be hotter if you work out!” “It’s the healthy thing to do!” That last line has a double meaning. Most people think of being physically healthy as having an average-to-hot body type (all though, what IS average these days??) and not having any major health …

Train yourself to LOVE working out!

Train Yourself to Love Working Out

We all have times where we fall into a slump routine of binge watching Netflix while also binge eating everything in your kitchen and the thought of working out or even getting off the couch? Awful. However, being caught in this cycle of unhealthy habits can take a toll on your health, energy, and happiness rather quickly. With a few easy changes to your daily …