Stylish Handbags for Summer 2010

summer 2010

Deux Lux handbags can be found at Urban Outfitters, Kitson, and other boutiques throughout Southern California.

Harvey’s seatbelt inspired handbags: The Treecycle Collection

Summer’s here! Whether you’re out and about or relaxing at the beach, you’ll need something to carry all your on-the-go necessities. You’ll want something versatile; something you can dress up or dress down with and still look good. Right now, I’m digging Deux Lux Handbags. Their colorful, edgy-glam style will have everyone in awe.

Another brand that’s caught my eye is Harveys. Their seatbelt inspired handbags are great for everyday use. It comes in different styles and colors to compliment your personality. These cute bags will be the perfect touch to your Summer outfits.

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