Cute, Affordable Active Wear

Cute Affordable Active Wear

Cute and Affordable Activewear

“If you look good, you feel good” rings true for more than just what you wear to work or class. Having cute, quality athletic clothing will get you more excited to get out of bed and into the gym.

But what’s a girl to do when companies like Lululemon and Athleta charge an average of $100 per article?? They’re great options, but just not for the college student on a budget.

A lot of companies have noticed the increase in women wanting to stay active and look cute while doing so, and have taken to revamping their existing lines.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite lower-cost active wear options that will keep you looking chic before, during, and after your sweat sesh.

Want even more to add to your wardrobe? Check out the clearance section in each store for even bigger savings.

1. Target

Target is my favorite store for pretty much everything, but I only recently discovered their line C9 Champion. Champion is a part of Hanes, and their line for Target features just about everything you would need. The best part? Everything is under $40!

Target regularly runs all sorts of sales on their active line. Keep a look out for coupons in their weekly flyers, which you can view online and then pick up a copy in store.

I love their Quarter-Zip Pullovers and their Ankle Socks, it’s important to have cushiony, sweat-wicking socks, especially when running, and these feel so great on your feet!

2. Old Navy

A great place for bargains in general, this is another store where their active line ranges from around $12 to $30. They always have some sort of deal going on, so you know you’ll walk out with more bang for your buck.

Old Navy has taken a focus to producing products with what they call “Go-Dry.” It’s their sweat-wicking fabric that will keep you cool and dry as you work up a sweat.

I love their High Rise Compression Capris, and their running shorts come in so many fun prints and colors.

3. Aerie

Aerie’s Back to School 2015 collection features a TON of new sports bras all under $30. Their sports bras are geared more for low and medium impact use, or essentially for girls with smaller breasts.

From Seamless to Strappy backed (that look a lot like the Free to Be bras from Lululemon) to V-backed, you’ll definitely find something cute to take your workout up a notch. They’re also launching a line called Gym-To-Swim, that has sports bras and track shorts that you can wear, well, in the gym and at the pool!

Be sure to check out their super comfy Outta-Sight seamless undies. Also, you can’t pass up a company that focuses their products and campaigns around being the real you!

4. VSX

How many of you knew Victoria’s Secret had a workout line? Well it’s called VSX, and girls are loving it. While the line can get a tad pricey (some pullovers and pants get into the $60-70 range), the clothing definitely stands up and many items are under $40.

Their sports bras are geared more to medium/high impact support (there you go larger chested girls!). One of the big favorites is the Front Close Sports Bra. Instead of wrestling to get a sweaty sports bra over your head all you have to do is unzip!

Their legging patterns are also to die for, and their tank tops have some great motivational sayings! This is a great option for looking out for clearance, sales, and any coupons that will help lower the cost.

5. Forever 21

This may seem like it’s out of left field, but if you have been into a Forever 21 recently you may have noticed that their active wear section has grown over the past year or so. These pieces are your go-to for any on trend patterns and styles, and their highest ticket item is only $32.90!

They have some very cool strappy sport bras and their leggings come in so many different colors and patterns. They also have fun styles of loose and fitted tanks, as well as various warm ups, so you’ll be able to stock up and build your wardrobe for whatever the weather entails.

6. Fabletics

This option is for the girl who is too busy to get to the store. Created with Kate Hudson for $50 a month you get an outfit (top, bottom, sports bra) delivered to you. This is after taking a quiz and selecting what you like on the 1st of the month. If nothing looks appealing then you can skip that month. If you forget to skip, then the $50 is built up like credit.

There are also options to shop without the VIP Membership. So many reviews have said that their leggings are comparable to that of Lululemon’s so they much know what they’re doing!

$50 may sound like a lot at first, but if you think about it, it comes down to about $16 an item, which is hard to beat!

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Liz Lombardi is studying Communications, Arts and Entertainment Management, and Journalism at Pace University in NYC.On top of a busy school schedule, she also writes for her Honors College's Newsletter and her own blog. When she's not writing, she enjoys baking, catching a Broadway musical, and practicing her downward facing dog.