An Easy Fix To A Ponytail Kind Of Day


Now that we are a few weeks into the semester, getting dressed up for classes is going to begin to fade and I will start to once again live in Hard Tail yoga pants and Juicy Couture jackets. As much as I love fashion, I find it next to impossible to throw on an adorable outfit and do my hair for my 9:00 am class after a late night studying. Just like most other college students, once I get deeper into the semester I try to get every minute of sleep I can get. This ends up meaning I only have time to throw my hair up into a ponytail as I’m heading off to class. Since I would rather not look like a total slob I have found my solution: headbands. The great thing about wearing headbands with ponytails is that it makes it look more pulled together, therefore making it look as though you did spend sometime on your hair. My favorite for fall is a beaded headband from Anthropologie. The beautiful beading not only makes you’re ponytail look pulled together but it will probably distract others from the fact that you are wearing sweats.

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