Travel Attire

Over the Fourth of July weekend, I lived out Steve Martin’s famous film Trains, Planes, and Automobiles. I discovered that like the mode of transportations themselves, each outlet requires different attire. Sitting in a car squished between a cooler and a carsick dog for 14 hours requires a different outfit from a two-plane ride that conveniently has a bathroom on board but inconveniently seated you next to an 8 year-old ball of talking energy. We Fashionistas like to look cute, while comfortable. Because after all, what fun is traveling if you don’t turn a few heads?????
I have learned a few tricks over this holiday weekend; for example, wearing to sets of spanks to slip into my skinny jeans for a 10 hour train ride was not such a good idea. Also, wearing Capri length sweats with gladiators because they were too big to fit inside your carry on size suitcase will cause heads to turn in a bad way! After my whirlwind adventure, I decided it was my duty to steer y’all clear of my fashion disasters and make you the one person at the airport everyone envies because you look so cute. Below is a breakdown of dos and don’ts of traveling attire.
Thanks to a lovely little army called TSA, traveling is not a much fun as it used to be. Between walking barefoot on a dirty floor to being fondled because you forgot to remove your earrings before walking through the metal detector, you are exhausted before you even reach the gate. Remember security as you dress in the morning. Don’t overdo the metal jewelry or belt buckle. You’ll have to spend time removing it and reapplying it. Don’t forget shoes! Thanks to the shoe bomber, we all have to remove our shoes and walk on the filthy floor. Slip on shoes (something without laces and buckles) are much easier to remove than your thigh high lace-up boots. If you are a germ-apobe, shoes that require socks might be a good idea so your bare feet do not touch the ground. Lastly, don’t forget that any outer clothing such as jackets, scarves, and sweatshirts must be removed before you walk though the metal detector, so think minimalistic.
In the morning when I was getting dressed, my red peep toe pumps looked so cute with the outfit I was wearing. After all, I would be sitting most of the day right, so my feet wouldn’t hurt. Bad idea! Comfortable shoes, and ultimately flat shoes, are the key when flying. As if I was being punished, my gates were always the furthest point from where I wanted to go. Lugging around my small wheeled bad and my large tote from one end of the airport to the other in sky high shoes that kept slipping off my feet was a HUGE mistake! I moved slower, made people behind me angry, and have two sore feet as a result. Although you “just sit” in a plane, you are “traveling”, so dress appropri ately.
Instead of wearing tight or restricting tops or pants, opt for something like the model in the picture. Leggings are always comfortable (they are really cute sweats!) and are never too heavy or too thin. A breathable tunic that is not too tight is also an encouraged wardrobe choice. Finish with walk-able, comfortable flats, and the rest of the airport will “go green” with envy!
Trains are truly a combo of planes and automobiles. Trains offer a bit more     comfort and a bathroom (!) like planes, and the lack of TSA and the constant availability of food like a car. Trains do offer more comfortable seats than airlines provide, but you are still sitting. Even though trains afford the luxury of getting up and walking around when your butt goes numb (unlike a plane) you still need to avoid restrictive clothing. As I mentioned above, spankx are not always the best idea, especially the ones that hit you at the smallest part of your waist. Its squeezes your middle and worsens the longer it compresses you. It can lead to stomach problems and more importantly a medical condition called TPS (“Tight Pants Syndrome”…honestly I am not making this up!) So skip the “really cute but technically one size too small” jeans.
The down side of the train is that it does take twice as long to reach your destination, so comfort is the key. Try materials like cotton or cashmere because they are soft, comfortable, and breathable. If you love the summer dresses, be mindful of their length. You are sitting and sometimes keeping your legs together to avoid a Brittney Spears underwear show can get old. If you are a person who likes to sit in various positions, make sure you are not giving the whole train a “peek-a-boo”. Shoe wise, it depends on your mood and your destination. In the train you can kick off your stilettos, but remember you have to climb up stairs with your luggage when you enter and exit.
Car trips are fun for about two hours then they become a drag. If your family is like mine, we have items stuffed into every nook and cranny and sitting in the car can be more like a workout that comfortable. Just like the trains, comfort is key! For car trips where your only stop is a bathroom break or lunch and most of the trip is spent catching up on your zzzz’s, shorts and a t-shirt are a perfect choice. But if you are traveling with your brother’s hot friend or know that your first stop is in college town USA, then opt for something like the picture above or a maxi dress. You look cute, you are comfortable, and you’ll be the best dressed at any rest stop!

Hopefully this helps you stay chic with your summer travels. Remember, comfort, chic, and eye catching are your three best friends for travel!
Till next time…
~Girl in the Pink Shoes