Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites Week of May 29th - Benefits of Running, Best style advice, Cooking with nut oils and more

It’s time for another Friday Favorites! This is where we curate some of our favorite finds from across the web that we think you will love too!

Allison Williams shares the best style advice she ever received. We don’t doubt that she’s received a lot of good style advice so the fact that this is the best counts for something! What are your thoughts? We kind of really LOVE it.

The most your best life skills we’ve read in a while. Not everyone loves running, and that’s ok, but your body will thank you for it.

Even if you’re not job searching, take a step back today and think about your best life skills. You may be surprised as to how they can help you succeed in your job!

Prioritzation is everything when it comes to get work done well, but what happens when everything on your prioritzation list is important? These tips will be a major productivity game changer for you.

We’re huge fans of EVOO and coconut oil here at Sorority Fashion, but have never really given much thought to nut oils until we read the ways in which you can use nut oils to glam up your meal.

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