Trend Alert! Champaign and Chambray!

chambraycollage Want to get your denim fix without looking too western or too masculine? Well, you’re in luck! The newest trend chambray will quickly hush your fears. Chambray is a fabric made often from cotton and has a linen like finish. Chambray is made usually with blue and white yarns, this makes for a worn out denim look with a soft look and feel. Chambray can also be found using other soft colors, but usually it is a soft light blue color. Like I was saying above wearing this fabric can give off a look of wearing denim, but allows for feminine and soft looks to come through the outfit. Men and women are loving this trend right now, but the women’s side of fashion, especially is blowing up with chambray attire as well as accessories. I have been spotting everything from shirts to headbands! I’ve even been spotted chambray products with patterns on it like polka dots for example, SO ADORABLE! Although chambray is not denim we are able to wear as though it is I’ve always looked at denim as a neutral I fashion, I have always stated that you can wear it with anything you choose and I feel the same way about chambray because of the color and texture likness. To any girls that have a hard time working with new trends or have a hard time putting together outfits, that’s good news! Just like a pair of levies anyone can rock chambray! So go to your nearest trendy hotspot store and try a little chambray with you champaign I promise it will become a staple!


Meagan Young
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My name is Meagan Young, I'm a Senior at Stephen F. Austin State University, I'm Fashion Merchanding Major and a Public Relations Minor and I'm a member of Delta Delta Delta. I have a strong passion for the beauty and fashion industry and love researching new trends. I am so blessed that has given me as such a great opportunity to share my passion with my fellow fashion loving sisters.