Jennifer, Miami U. , Alpha Omicrom Pi

Hello. My name is Jennifer and I will be a Senior at Miami University-Ohio. Laughing, hanging out with friends and sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi, and shopping are what I love to do. I am always seen smiling and I am known by my friends as the fashionable one. In fact ever since the early age of ten, I have loved fashion. Claims of one day becoming a fashion designer or owning my own fashion boutique have been dreams of mine.

In high school, I always dressed up and looked my best. I was known as preppy which meant fitting into Miami's fashion scene was easy for me since Miami is about as preppy as it gets. For classes I usually wear either a polo, Ralph Lauren Sweater, or argyle with jeans and sperrys. For a jacket, it's all about the North Faces. Going out is a different scene. This is where individual personalities come out and shine since the only requirement is a dress. Being in a sorority means that I have many themed parties but there are times with no themes in which case I usually wear a solid color top or dress and heels. I like to dress up my outfits with earrings, it's a signature of mine :)