Aviator Sunglasses: Hot Shades for Summer 2010

Jessica Alba sporting Aviators

Jessica Alba sporting Aviators

Amongst the hype of Wayfarer sunglasses right now, Aviator style sunglasses are still a hot way to look stylish while sporting your sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses are both retro and modern looks. Tom Cruise was known for his aviator shades in the 80’s classic “Top Gun,” but today’s hollywood celebrities like Kanye West and Jessica Alba are also known to sport aviator sunglasses.

Rayban Aviators are a classic style and a great high-end sunglass purchase. Flair Sunglasses is a new sunglass company that sells really cool aviator sunglasses that are actually affordable on the student budget, at only $7.99 a pair.

What’s your favorite style of sunglasses? What are you going to be rocking by the pool this summer?

Tom Cruise wearing Aviators in Top Gun

Tom Cruise (Sunglass fashionista, haha), wearing Aviators in Top Gun

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