DIY Polka Dot Fedora

Fedoras and floppy hats are my go to for bad hair days during the summertime. But, recently I’ve become bored with the same old, plain, fedora. I wanted to find a way to add a pop of color and uniqueness into my wardrobe. So I came up with the DIY Polka Dot Fedora!


  • 1-inch foam pouncer (A regular foam paint brush will work just as well)
  • All purpose craft paint
  • Plain fedora


Dip the foam paintbrush into the all-purpose craft paint and make your first dot starting at the top of the hat. Be sure to hold the hat steady with your hand.


Then continue to make your way down the side of the hat spacing your dots sporadically. It’s okay if you don’t have enough paint on your brush, you can always make touch-ups with the brush after you make your initial dots.

Let it dry completely and you’re all done!


Megan Heck
Written by

Megan is a student of Ferris State University who is working on her degree in Public Relations. While in school she is a proud member of Ferris States' PRSSA chapter (Public Relations Student Society of America), and is currently holding the Vice President of Administration and Finance executive board position for the upcoming school year.