Moving Into Your Own Apartment

Moving into your first college apartment can be overwhelming. Things that you’re just used to being in your house are overlooked when you make a list of what you need. Starting from scratch and wanting to decorate your apartment on a budget can be a challenge. Here’s some pointers to help you make the grownup transition to living in your own pad a breeze!

Start shopping early

This gives you time to search out the best deals, wait for items to go on sale, not spend all your money at once, and reduce the scramble stress. Make a list of everything you need and try to buy most of what you need on sale or clearance. Coupons.comGroupon, and Hautelook are great sites for online bargains (these are also apps!)

Make a running list

Start a Google doc between your roommates of everything you need and check things off once they are bought with who purchased it. That way you don’t get duplicates of things you can share and you’ll have a record of who owns what when it’s time to move out.

Buy a large water container

To save money, the planet, and the hassle of buying cases of plastic water bottles invest in a container to fill up with tap water and leave in the fridge. You can get stackable containers so you can have one for water and one for iced tea or lemonade. You can also add fruit, mint, cucumber, etc. for refreshing infused water.
Drink dispenser


Buy a bed frame

Rather than purchasing an expensive queen size bed, opt for an adjustable bed frame that only costs around $40. It is way easier to transport when you do move out (especially if you are a plane ride away) and the bed can be made into a twin, full, or queen sized bed. Buying a cheaper mattress and a comfier foam mattress pad is sometimes a better option because you can sell the mattress to incoming tenants and only pack the mattress pad if transporting your stuff after graduation is a pain.


Furniture can be very expensive and usually college students are only using it for a few years. To save cash, scope out places near your school such as Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and yard sales for furniture that you can fix up. Students who are moving out frequently drop off their stuff that you can then get for a steal!

Pin it!

Pinterest has so many pictures of home decor and storage ideas that you can pin for inspiration as well as DIY tutorials on how to make your space your own without spending boatloads of money in the stores.
Amy Lightbody
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Amy is currently a junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where she is double majoring in Journalism and Communications and minoring in Information Technology. In her free time she loves to workout, practice yoga, paint, and scroll through Pinterest. She can't wait to share her insights from her own college experience!